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11 Kitchens Design Ideas That Will Give Your Kitchen New Life


11 Kitchens Design Ideas That Will Give Your Kitchen New Life

This year has kept everyone at home and made people see their homes in a new light, so perhaps it's time to look into some new kitchen renovation design ideas. Now is the time to get out of your old kitchen and design one that meets your needs and desires. There are numerous ways to make your kitchen look and feel brand new without undergoing a major renovation.

After staring at your older design ideas for so long, they may begin to look old and stale. Take your kitchen to the next level by incorporating new ideas to make it your new favorite room in the house. If you want to make some changes to your kitchen, check out these fantastic kitchen design ideas.

Design Styles Should Be Mixed And Matched

With the new mix-and-match trend, the days of sticking to one theme for the entire room are over. Modern appliances pair with antique decor, and finding modern pieces with a vintage twist has become much easier (like a brand-new crockpot in the same pattern your grandmother had). The farmhouse look is still popular, but it's updated to allow you to show off your favorite new kitchen accessories.

For a fun twist on this trend, incorporate some antique-looking furniture into a kitchen with updated hardware & appliances. Instead of looking like a show kitchen, a rustic-looking table makes the kitchen feel lived in and welcoming. If you want the same effect, replace some kitchen panels with chicken wire to keep the cupboards closed but the space open.

This style is ideal for anyone who appreciates modern kitchen amenities while seeking a classic welcoming atmosphere.


Cabinets Removed, Single Shelves Installed

Large kitchen cabinets see as more of a nuisance than a design element in many kitchens that are becoming sleek and usable spaces. Displaying your nice plates in your kitchen is still a good idea, but try moving them to a single shelf in one kitchen area. Instead of keeping your pretty plates in a large hutch, use an unused space up high (look for new corners to start) and build or buy a wide shelf to store them.

It can be another great place to display some art you've wanted to incorporate into your kitchen's decor without worrying about running out of wall space. Another fun idea is to change out any decorations based on the season so you can keep your holiday spirit close but not take over your kitchen. This way, you can keep your fun holiday-themed kitchen items on hand without taking up the floor space that a hutch would.

Anyone who prefers a simple look to a bulky china cabinet will appreciate the single shelf.

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Include Some Natural Elements

Many designers are incorporating wicker and raw wood into their kitchens to give them a more natural feel. It adds luscious brown tones that make kitchens appear rich and welcoming. Replace worn-out fruit bowls with cute baskets, or swap out dull metal lights for a line of wicker bulbs to instantly add a natural flair to your room.

Bare wood looks great on kitchen cabinets, stools, and even open shelving. Displaying a wooden cutting board, charcuterie board, & a nice set of wooden kitchen tools in a prominent (but fireproof) space in the room is a quick way to add some extra wood. Replace your countertop with a lightly stained butcher's block for a long-lasting, beautiful, and functional look.

People have been enjoying bringing all of nature's elements into their homes recently, so if you want a style that will complement your new plant collection, this one is a great fit.

Make A Statement With Your Color Choices

In most homes, the kitchen and bathroom are the two places where you can experiment with color. Bold contrasts are popular, and pairing two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel (for example, green and pink or deep blue and bright orange) will create a strong visual impact. Choose one for your walls & another for your basic accents to make your kitchen look straight out of a magazine.

If you don't like heavy colors, pick one bold color (bright yellow or deep red are great choices) for an accent wall and incorporate it into a few other places (like a bowl on your table with matching hand towels and curtains) to give the room a splash of color but much cohesion. Small accents that are all the same color and shade can add detail to any room.

Anyone looking to make major color changes will love this trend because the kitchen is very forgiving of bright colors, making it a great place to start adding bolder spots to the home.

Keep Your Marbles

Marble countertops have always been the epitome of class in a good kitchen & have experienced quite a revival in recent years. Still, the marble look has now spread to backsplashes, shelves, and everything in between. It looks great with so many different colors and adds a touch of elegance to any space. There are numerous ways to achieve the same effect without replacing your entire countertop & breaking the bank.

There are numerous excellent tutorials available online that will teach you the necessary skills and tools. Another quick way to incorporate marble is peel-and-stick wallpaper or faux backsplash tiles, which are easily installed and can find at your local hardware store.

Regarding other design elements, a marble kitchen is versatile but sticks with the same metals from the marble (gold, black, & silver) throughout for a cohesive look.

Should Paint It, Black

While your kitchen perceives as a warm and welcoming space that requires light, you can still get away with expressing your dark inner side. Dark kitchens are making a comeback, & it's a simple way to make the space look classy rather than cheesy. Please don't go overboard with the color (or you'll feel like you're cooking in a basement), but incorporating it into some bold spots will give you a luscious feeling.

Maintain the same dark paint color on your walls and cabinets, and add a few pops of white to give it some focus. Stick to a color scheme for your accessories (anything goes with black, but modern lighting with a rustic table will look out of place in a dark space) & keep the rest of the room neutral to make the space feel stylish. Replace your faucet & hardware with the darkest option you can find if you want to go all out.

A dark kitchen is ideal for homes with lots of light or high ceilings. The more room you have in your kitchen, the better this gothic design will look.

Light It On

Replace your old lighting with something a little more interesting for your kitchen. Reduce your lighting as much as possible by converting recessed lighting to hanging or pendant-style lights. Most hardware stores sell the kits for swapping them out, and it's a quick way to transform your entire kitchen.

Make a bold statement with funky and unique lighting to create a focal point in the room. There are many options beyond basic lights, but you still want something useful, so choose one that fits the size and shape of the space you're attempting to light. A large chandelier with a high wattage in a small apartment will not work, but a collection of smaller pendant lights with Edison bulbs will.

Replacing lights is a relatively simple task, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to change the look of their space without adding or subtracting too much.

Out Of Touch

This design concept has grown in popularity in recent years due to its functionality in modern times and the added benefit of looking super sleek. Many homeowners have redesigned their kitchen cabinets, removing the outer handles and replacing the opening mechanism with a push-to-open style. The entire handle is removed, making the cabinet much easier to clean and sanitize.

Touch-free accessories are an excellent choice for anyone looking to make some efficient upgrades that will leave them with fewer things to worry about.

When Something Is Out Of Sight, It Is Out Of Mind

While it may be wanting to show off your new kitchen appliances, hiding them is another fashionable option. You can make your kitchen appear to be something it isn't with a few simple tricks. Many new refrigerators are available in a "cabinet" style, eliminating heavy steel doors in favor of a regular-looking pantry door, giving the room a completely different appearance.

You can also get other appliances with the same facade, such as a dishwasher, or install a pull-out freezer drawer in a space under the counter. It will give your kitchen a sense of class and cohesion while keeping everything you need close at hand. It is a more extensive renovation, so check to see if your appliances will match in finish style before making any major purchases.

It is a great design idea for anyone who wants their kitchen to look cohesive and classy.

Travel Back In Time

Bring out the bright colors and Tupperware because the retro look is making a comeback, but with a twist. Modern retro kitchens have all of the basics and neutrals of a modern kitchen, but with a few hints of the past hidden in unexpected places. To add some funky touches to the modern space, switch out your lighting for a retro-looking lamp or add some colorful glassware to your kitchen counter.

To continue the theme, consider replacing some modern-looking small appliances (such as a toaster, coffee maker, or kitchen scale) with a retro-style replacement. Many appliance manufacturers have begun producing older-looking versions of their most popular items, allowing you to keep your current technology while maintaining a retro vibe. Stick to a color theme or go crazy and get each one in a different color to make it even wilder.

It is an ideal trend for those who want to preserve a piece of history's beautiful styles.



Kitchens can be full of sharp lines and pointed corners, so change the shape of anything too structured to change the look of the entire space. Rounded tables, chairs, and light fixtures can help to make a room feel cozier. You can extend the curves to your faucet and countertops for maximum impact.

If you want to change the look with some small things, start by displaying rounded bowls on good circular serving trays. Mirrors & rounded clocks are another great design idea for adding some interesting shapes to the room. A room with too few corners will feel more welcoming and comfortable. It is a fun trend for a family kitchen because it adds whimsy and light to an otherwise dark and drab space.

With so many fantastic design ideas, deciding which ones to incorporate into your kitchen can be difficult. Before making major changes, consider the kitchen's space, frequency of use, and functionality; however, even minor changes can have a significant impact. Try one or more of these fantastic ideas to transform your kitchen from plain to beautiful in the blink of an eye. If you need more help regarding kitchen renovation contact us now



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