When you are planning on spending on a home remodeling project, you want to make sure that the results not only eye-catching but also add value to your home and save you a little money. Never is that truer than in case of the kitchen remodeling in Toronto, where costs can build up so fast that your budget can suddenly sway in a whole new direction. To avoid that and keep costs intact, and yet still get the kitchen you desire. The idea of remodeling the kitchen shows up on everyone’s list, but few give it a go: Why? Well, that is mostly due to its enormous cost. But fear not, for we have compiled a few mantras for you to remain dedicated so that no matter what, you will be beaming at the end of the ‘ordeal’ much like your new countertop. Here is how you can reduce your kitchen renovation cost.

Opt for Ready to Assemble Cabinets

New cabinets cost the highest in the kitchen remodels. The most expensive option is going for custom made cabinets, for which the cabinetry gets designed, built, and installed to fit your space specifically. Exotic woods, elegant details, and period styles will add to the cost and delivery time but result in a jaw-dropping kitchen. Custom cabinets can cost around $ 9,000 to $65,000, as cabinets can range from $200 to $1,550 per linear foot.

If your budget does not favor for custom, but you need new cabinets, ready-to-assemble (RTA) is a good option. Ready-to-assemble or semi-custom cabinets can sometimes be almost half the cost, from around $135 to $950 per linear foot depending on the style, material, and cost of installation. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can set these up yourself; if not, you will require to hire a contractor. Semi-custom cabinets are selected from current designs and are made offsite in standard sizes, with limited options in terms of style, material, sizing, and finishings.

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In-stock cabinets are for people who want to get their cabinets right off the shelf and leave. These stock cabinets are available in standard sizes, shapes, and colors. Since the cabinet dimensions do not depend on your kitchen, space-wasting fillers may be needed to make the cabinets fit. These cabinets are very economical for remodelers on a budget. Cabinets can range from $80 to $450 per linear foot.

Reuse Existing Cabinets if Possible.

 If your cabinets are of good quality and you dig the style, resurfacing is a good option. It is alluring how color can evolve a kitchen, and a few coats of paint can put life to a once-dingy space. Resurfacing and painting make the most cost-effective option, but assure that you take the steps required to get a sleek finish.  A simple paint job might cost you a few hundred dollars. But for a more extensive refacing job, $45,00 to $16,500 is likely if the new facade added to the face of the cabinets.

Accessories for Cabinet Interior

Kitchen designers in Toronto suggest choosing store-bought inserts and fit them into the cabinetry rather than customizing. Pull-out drawers and organizers, under-shelf racks, cutlery trays, and other things. Easy-to-customize items can be bought from local stores around you. Best of all, you can change your accessories as you need to change.

Opt Open Shelving, if Possible

Open shelving forms interest in the space as well as helps you save money. Using restored wood or painted planks from the local hardware shop for shelving is an economical and functional choice to display daily. Open shelving can save you a few thousand dollars, but while it may be tempting to do away with fitted cabinets altogether, they are still efficient and valuable for storage, generally, if you have a small scale kitchen and a lot to push into it.

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Considering Different Countertop Materials

There is a versatile range of countertops to choose —recyclable products, concrete, tile, stone surfaces, solid and more. Granite is still a famous option for countertops, but at $55 to $110 or more per square foot with installation. It can push any budget over the edge. Acknowledge using two contrasting surfaces instead, such as making the outside area butcher block and the island granite. It can cut the price in half. If granite is not in your budget, but you like the appearance of stone, consider laminate, any other inexpensive alternative. The price range from $7 to $21 per square foot, along with installation. Laminate has traveled a long way with its high-end selections and new cut-edge profiles. The new laminates look much like a stone; you are easy to be fooled.

Keep Appliances Where they are

If you plan to get new cabinets, think about keeping your appliances where they are. Moving the machines and electrical for appliances can be expensive, not to mention the ceiling on the floor, and the walls may require to cut to open out the mechanicals. These are costs that many homeowners do not consider when planning to remodel a kitchen. Keep the appliances where they are will save you thousands of bucks. More often than not, moving an appliance 1-foot costs as much as moving it 6 feet, depending on the location of mechanicals.

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Choose a Cutout Rather than Removing the Wall

 Many owners want to open the space between the kitchen and the family room to build an open floor plan. When removing a wall, there are plenty of things to consider. Is it load-bearing? Does it have ventilation installed, electrical, or water pipes running through it, which will need a removal? After removal of the wall, ceiling, other walls, and the floor may need to be cut into and refurbished.  An economical way is to consider a cutout. Not only does it space up a room, but it can provide additional countertop space and an added area for seating. You will still require to check for mechanics and plumbing, but the floor and ceiling will not require to be repaired, which will save you money.

Track Lights Instead of Recessed Lights

Adding recessed lighting can become a huge project than planned. Holes requires opening up into the ceiling, electrical wiring needs an addition, and there might be undisclosed cost in repairing the ceiling. The full cost for a single recessed light is $100 to $150, inclusive of the costs of materials and an electrician. It can pile up quickly. To keep costs low, think about track lighting. There are many shapes, styles, and finishes. They produce abundant light for tasks in the kitchen and, when placed on the dimmer, give off a mesmerizing ambient light.

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Think about Remodeling in Stages

 If you got a tight budget, wait to do a few projects at a later date. It will spread out the remodeling costs, allowing you to save enough for that next project.  Backsplashes are easy to install anytime after the countertops and cabinets installation. If you can not stand looking at Sheetrock,  consider wallpaper, an easy project that is also budget-friendly. The addition of glass to your cabinet doors is a project that you can do anytime that is simple and costs low. Replacing out hardware is one project that can get pretty expensive. If the new hardware works with the existing hole placement on the cabinet doors and drawers, you can hold off on replacing it later sometime.